HTM 08-02





Designated Person:- (HTM ref 2.12)

  • Formally appointed by healthcare organisation.

  • Board Member or Person with responsibilities to the Board;

  • Overall authority and responsibility for lifts and their safe operation;

  • Duty to prepare and issue a general policy statement in relation to lifts and their safe operation.

(HTM ref 2.13)

  • Responsible for ensuring that an Authorising Engineer (Lifts) and a Dutyholder are appointed


Dutyholder:- (HTM ref 2.16)

  • As defined in HSE’s INDG339 is legally responsible for ensuring that the lift is safe to use and that it is thoroughly examined.


Authorising Engineer:- (HTM ref 2.17)

  • Appointed in writing by Designated Person;

  • Responsible for the management of HTM guidance;

  • Necessary degree of independence from local management;

  • Act as assessor and make recommendations for the appointment of Authorised Persons (Lifts).

  • Provide an Annual Audit of the service to the Designated Person (Lifts)


  • Chartered Engineer;

  • Authorised Person training at three year intervals;

  • Authorising Engineer training at three year intervals;

  • Emergency first-aid training at three year intervals;


Authorised Person:- (HTM ref 2.19)

  • Appointed in writing by management on the nomination of the Authorising Engineer;

  • Responsible for the implementation and operation of HTM;

  • Authorised Person training at three year intervals;

  • Good working knowledge of HTM guidance

  • Good working knowledge of lift systems for which appointed;


There are also defined staff functions for:-


Competent Person (HTM ref 2.22)

Lift Steward (HTM ref 2.24)

Lift Warden (HTM ref 2.25)

Lift Release Warden (HTM ref 2.27)