HTM 06-02 & 06-03




Designated Person:- (HTM ref 2.2)

  • Board Member or Person with responsibilities to the Board;

  • Overall responsibility for electrical system of premises;

  • Duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974;

  • Formally appointed by healthcare organisation.


Duty Holder:- (HTM ref 2.3)

  • Person on whom the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 impose a duty in connection with safety.


Authorising Engineer:- (HTM ref 2.5)

  • Appointed in writing by Designated Person;

  • Responsible for the management of HTM guidance;

  • Necessary degree of independence from local management;

Qualifications:- (HTM ref appendix 7 (LV); 9 (HV))

  • Chartered or incorporated electrical engineer;

  • Authorised Person training at three year intervals;

  • Authorising Engineer training at three year intervals;

  • Emergency first-aid training at three year intervals;


Authorised Person:- (HTM ref 2.6)

  • Appointed in writing by management on the recommendation of the Authorising Engineer;

  • Responsible for the implementation and operation of HTM;

Qualifications:- (HTM ref appendix 7 (LV); 9 (HV))

  • Over 23 years of age

  • Electrical qualifications within the range:-

  • NVQ III or above

  • City & Guilds

  • BTech 4 or 3



  • Degree

  • Authorised Person training at three year intervals;

  • Good working knowledge of HTM guidance

  • Good working knowledge of electrical system for which appointed;


Competent Person:- (HTM ref 2.7 LV 2.8 HV)

  • Appointed in writing by Authorised Person;

  • Skills and experience relevant to work to be undertaken;

  • Ability to prevent danger or injury;

  • Ability to accept safety documents from Authorised Persons;

Qualifications (LV):- (HTM 06-02 ref appendix 7)


  • City & Guilds

  • BTech 3

  • C&G BS7671 IEE wiring regulations Certificate

  • C&G BS7671 Inspection & Test certificate