Authorising Engineer


This position is a requirement of the National Health Service safety documentation HTM 00 series; which require an Authorising Engineer (AE) (an Independent Professional Engineer) to be appointed in writing by management.

HTM 00


The AE will act as an independent professional adviser to the Healthcare Organisation. The AE should be appointed by the organisation with a brief to provide services in accordance with Health Technical Memorandum guidance. This may vary in accordance with the specialist service being supported.


The AE will act as assessor and make recommendations for the appointment of Authorised Persons, monitor the performance of the service, and provide an annual audit to the Designated Person. To effectively carry out this role, particularly with regard to audit, it is preferable that the AE remains independent of the operational structure of the Trust.


We can provide:-


John Stephens, Chartered Electrical Engineer as your named Authorising Engineer in compliance with HTM 06-02 (LV), HTM 06-03 (HV) & HTM 08-02 (Lifts) to NHS Trusts.


Assistance, for private companies, with the creation of your own in house safe system of work.


In house Electrical Safety Training of your staff to meet your specific needs.


In house practical Inspection and Test Training


In house practical “PAT” Training


Independent inspection of your premises to assist with compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.